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General Terms & Conditions

1. Validity

1.1. These General Terms and Conditions apply to all contracts concluded with the operator Sandria Stornig.

1.2. Sandria Stornig will familiarize the person placing the order with the General Terms and Conditions prior to the conclusion of the contract. In case Sandria Stornig offers online contracts, they are also available on the website.

1.3. The General Terms and Conditions are valid for freelance services of Sandria Stornig. For services, which are provided by external providers, the external terms and conditions apply.

2. Conclusion of contract

2.1. The contract between Sandria Stornig and the person placing the order is concluded by signing the contract, online forms or via e-mail.

2.2. Contracts with minors (under 18 years of age) can only be concluded with the written consent of a legal representative.

3. Subject matter and scope of services 

3.1. The nature and scope of the services shall be governed by the contract.

3.2. Sandria Stornig does not offer therapeutic services. Her activities as a dancer, movement pedagogue and sports scientist are limited to artistic services as well as non-therapeutic movement services in the field of prevention, sports performance enhancement and health promotion.


4 Safety and Health

4.1. The person placing the order confirms that no medical/health reasons stand in the way of participation in sports activities. In case of health problems during the service period, the ordering person is obliged to inform Sandria Stornig for safety reasons.

4.2. Sandria Stornig carries out her movement offers professionally and conscientiously and is concerned about the correctness of information. By signing the contract, the client confirms that he/she is liable for him/herself and his/her actions in connection with the offer of Sandria Stornig. 

4.3. In case Sandria Stornig is not able to provide the service due to health reasons, the commissioning persons will be contacted and informed personally. After consultation with the ordering persons, the service will either be postponed to another date or a substitute for the service will be organized. 

5. Remuneration

5.1. The contractually agreed fee shall be paid no later than 2 weeks after the conclusion of the contract but before the beginning of the service period. Without prior payment, the use of the service is not possible.

5.2. In case of late payment, the ordering person will be reminded of the payment again. If 5 days after this reminder no payment has been made, Sandria Stornig is entitled to charge default interest in the statutory amount.


6.1. For movement courses, units and workshops no refund is possible after the conclusion of the contract. However, exceptions can be health or other serious reasons. In this case, issuance of a voucher or transfer of the contract to another person is possible.

6.2. For booked lectures, seminars and theory workshops that cannot take place, a percentage of the agreed fee will be charged. For a cancellation 2 weeks before the scheduled date 20% and for a cancellation 1 week before the scheduled date 70% of the fee will be charged. Cancellations received 6 days or less before the scheduled date will not be considered. 

6.3. For choreographic services, 6.2 applies.


8. Changes of the general terms and conditions

8.1. In case of a change of the general terms and conditions Sandria Stornig will inform the ordering persons in time.


9. Miscellaneous

9.1. The commercial use, modification, distribution and/or the first publication of the choreographies of Sandria Stornig without consent and naming is prohibited. 


10. Photo and video rights

10.1. By signing the contract, the commissioning person confirms that Sandria Stornig is entitled to take photos and videos during classes, workshops, seminars, rehearsals and performances and also to publish them (social media, website, media presence). Out of respect for privacy, intimacy and other personal reasons, it is of course possible (after consultation with Sandria Stornig) not to be included in published photos and videos. In services that take place in groups, the participating persons are prohibited from taking photos and videos without consultation with Sandria Stornig.


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