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Dance Intensive

& Performance Project


July 27th-31st



August 1st


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Anker 1



Ballettschule Irmi, Graz

Outdoors, Graz 

Location Informal Showing: TBA 



The intensive is designed for adult movers who have a foundational background in contemporary dance and classical ballet. If you are uncertain about whether the level is suitable for you or if you don't have any ballet experience, please reach out to me at
Together, we will find a solution that works best for you.



The project tackles pressing issues of contemporary society. The creative concept and choreography will be collaboratively developed, providing each individual with an opportunity to explore and nurture their artistic voice as a contemporary dance creator. The project concludes with an informal showing and interactive performance, exclusively for invited guests. Please note that the showing takes place in a studio setting, without the use of lighting or costumes.


Dance Science Workshop?

Learn about dancer's health and wellbeing topics, latest dance science research and a variety of mental and physical training techniques for dancers.

20:00 Uhr

Anything else?

The Intensive Project offers a safe place to grow, learn and explore. Number one priorities in class are respect, safety and wellbeing. I would like to especially invite dancers with disabilities, 30+ dancers and non-german speakers to join the intensive. Unfortunately this project is a non-funded project and there is no financial support available. I am currently working on future opportunities which are funded and FOR FREE, to make dance accessible for everybody.

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